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These 5 Bollywood actresses looked like this in their younger days!

Every young girl has a dream to look different and beautiful. In such a situation, today we will discuss those five actresses of Bollywood. Which looked beautiful and bold in the days of youth.

These 5 Bollywood actresses looked like this in their younger days!
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1. Sridevi

Sridevi, a once-in-a-lifetime actress, is not even alive today. Through her acting and beauty, she made a place in the hearts of millions of people. Which used to look like this in the days of youth.

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2. Divya Bharti

Divya Bharti, the most beautiful and talented actress of the 90s, had said goodbye to this world years ago. Memories of divya still remain in our hearts. Whatever looked beautiful in the days of youth as well as innocent.

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3. Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit, also known as Bollywood girl in the world of Bollywood, used to compete with the beauty of her youth.

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4. Tabu

Actress Tabu, who entered the world during her childhood days, has turned 48 years old today. Yet there is no difference in her beauty.

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5. Rekha

Rekha, who looked dark in her youth, today she is 48 year old and she has kept everyone crazy with her beauty and style.

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madhuri & divya bharti is beautiful in childhood😻😻😻[drool][drool][drool][kiss][kiss][kiss]

28 Days ago


Tabu still looks fresh... love it 🥰

1 Months ago

Uttar Pradesh User

How a love is seen in matured men & women

26 Days ago

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