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The Saddest Reality of Modern Life

Our lives have advanced to a greater extent with the development of technology. Modern lifestyle may give comfort but destroy our peace and health in many ways. Lot of things have changed and there are many negative changes in this lifestyle. Let us have an overview about them in this article.

1. Selfie and Smartphone:

The Saddest Reality of Modern Life
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People have gone crazier with Smartphone and selfie. Taking selfie images in different angles and posting those in the social media have become a recent trend among many people. People started taking selfie for everything like wedding, death, illness, party, etc.

2. Heart and Brain:

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Every child is innocent and lovable towards everyone. A child never knows to take a serious revenge or be jealous and selfish with others. However, after growing up, everything changes into vice versa in the most of the cases. People become money minded, selfish and even give up the ethics.

3. Parents and Love:

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Parents usually suffer a lot for the growth of their children and fulfill all their needs but many people leave their parents in an old age home after growing up. This is the saddest reality that happens in many families.

4. The World of Internet:

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We are forgetting ourselves after getting inside the world of internet. We just fail to connect us to the real world while crossing road, driving, studying, eating, etc.

5. Deforestation:

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This is a serious issue that many people ignore in their lives. Deforestation will really give bad consequences for all of us. It is the most important responsibility of every individual to protect the trees to avoid environmental issues.

Life really gives more peace and happiness when we limit the use of technology and follow our traditional lifestyle as well as ethics. Post your opinion in the comments section and don’t forget to give a like as well as share this article to others.

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yep..very sad..but very true

6 Months ago


each n every picture is so meaningful m so heart touching 😯😔e

5 Months ago


thanks for the information forward to my group

5 Months ago

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