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John Cena vs The Fiend: Who put together the ‘Firefly Fun House’ match at WrestleMania?

John Cena vs The Fiend: Who put together the ‘Firefly Fun House’ match at WrestleMania?

The WrestleMania 36 will surely go down in history as one of the most memorable ones. After all, it was for the first time, the Show of Shows was held behind closed doors at a WWE Performance Center in Florida, in front of no fans. The reason - the outbreak of novel coronavirus in USA. It was also for the first time that the show was divided into two nights - and was pre-taped, instead of being performed live. This allowed WWE to put on some creative changes to the product, the pinnacle of which were the Boneyard match between AJ Styles and The Undertaker, and the Firefly Fun House match between The Fiend Bray Wyatt and 16-time World Champion.

While the boneyard match has received positive feedback from most quarters, and is being hailed as the Phenom's best match in recent years, not everyone bought into the Firefly Fun House segment.

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The match was not actually a fight, but a series of vignettes, which tried to portray John Cena as a "controversial figure" in the industry, who is having to face his own "demons".

In the match, Cena goes through Wyatt's Fun House, and gets trapped in an alternate world, where he has to face his own past - his debut, him almost getting fired, his not-so-succesful rap career, his worries about not having a big body, and constant comparisons with Hulk Hogan, as both the wrestlers were known for back-door politics to ensure they emerge as winners. At one point, Wyatt even sang Cena's ex-fiance Nikki Bella's theme song - "You can look but you can't touch'. The Fiend emerged victorious in the end, as Cena was literally evaporated into thin air.

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Wrestling Observer Radio's Dave Meltzer has reported on who were the creative force behind coming up with the bizarre segment. In his latest podcast, Meltzer reported that SmackDown's Executive Director Bruch Prichard and Bray Wyatt largely came up with the segment, with John Cena making a few suggestions as well..

Meltzer further reported that Cena mostly made a few suggestions in the match, which improved the overall segment, but did not specify which changes were made.

Irrespective of how the fans will feel about the segment - it is bound to go down as one of the most memorable WrestleMania moments, for sure.

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