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International School in Jubilee Hills | New York Academy

New York Academy is an International school in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – To Acquire Knowledge in an Innovative Way.
Parents need to recognize the fact that the early childhood is a time ripe for learning key life skills. An international school can only provide a conductive environment for the children’s growth and development. A toddler continues to be introduced and learns to communicate with the world. Not all preschools are able to provide a good environment for the child. So it’s significant to choose a finest one for your child’s life. Some of the facts before making a final choice include school’s reputation, certified staff, play area, nap time and food court.
Learn through hands on activities at International playschool
Kids will learn some of the hands-on activities include storytelling, alphabets through songs, learning numbers through games, shapes through crafts and so on. Such activities ignite them to develop interest towards books. Playschool helps the kids to control their emotional temperament. They will learn to overcome high levels of separation anxiety. Its main concern is the health and safety of each child who comes into the centre. Overall, international playschool is a great way to kindle the right attitude of the child and nurture them for an easy and smooth entry into the next level.

International School in Jubilee Hills | New York Academy
International school in Jubilee Hills New York Academy

New York Academy – an International Preschool located in lush green surroundings of Jubilee Hills
New York Academy is an international preschool located in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. It is a great place for the child to explore and learn the basics of life. As the child gets exposed to all new environments, it moulds the child in the proper way and develops interests in various aspects. It offers a risk-free environment which supports a child’s imaginative and creative thought process. Child care specialists in New York Academy are trained to better understand and nurture the children in a playful way manner.
Teachers at NY Academy teach some basic academic aspects in a fun and playful manner. With international standards, NYA yields an all-round development of the child and is boon to all the working parents.

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