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Indian CEO Abhishek Gattani to spend just 13 days in jail for domestic abuse - wife fails to get him tougher sentence

Indian CEO Abhishek Gattani to spend just 13 days in jail for domestic abuse - wife fails to get him tougher sentence

Staff Correspondent, NewsCrunch

A California judge has approved a plea deal which will send an Indian CEO, Abhishek Gattani, to jail for 13 days for domestic abuse.

The Cuberon co-founder had been earlier sentenced for 30 days by a lower court after he entered a plea deal for beating his wife Neha Rastogi over their 10-year marriage.

A plea deal allows an accused to admit his misdemeanour in exchange for a lighter sentence.

As Gattani has already spent a few days in jail following his arrest, the 30-day sentence will effectively get over in 13 days.

The Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Allison M. Danner has also ordered that Gattani to perform weekend community service for five months after his release from jail.

He has been asked to to avoid alcohol during his probation.

Rastogi, a former Apple engineer, had earlier protested the light sentence by saying even the court system had abused her.

'My abuse continued by proxy, by the court system,' Rastogi told the court.

“With all due respect to the system … I stand FOOLED, disgraced and ridiculed as a victim,” Rastogi had said, in a statement.

She was supported by a group of protesters who stood outside the court demanding a stern punishment to Gattani, who had earlier faced deportation to India.

But prosecutors said the evidence was weak and Rastogi had made inconsistent statements.

The Attorney General of the state also said Gattani had 'struck hard blows, but not foul ones'.

The case began last July when after the police arrested Gattani following a domestic abuse complaint lodged by Rastogi.

It was a repeat offence as he had been previously charged with assault in 2013 after a postal worker saw him beating his wife on the street.

The case drew intense media coverage after Rastogi released an audio recording of a domestic violence incident.

She submitted a six-minute clip as evidence in the domestic violence case she filed against Gattani.

In a segment, Gattani can be heard saying:

“…They show that the murderer stabbed the victim with a knife 45 times; how would someone do that…I now imagine and can relate now to doing that to you. And I am not kidding...”

Rastogi said the couple's 3-year-old daughter was present during his outburst.

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