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Bengaluru: Class 1 admission for kids a headache for parents

Bengaluru: Class 1 admission for kids a headache for parents

BENGALURU: Parents looking to get their kids admitted in private schools in the city are having a tough time, as a majority of the schools are not taking in new admissions to Class 1. Many schools have a policy to give priority to their own students, who start at the nursery level and then go on to Class 1. Some schools even insist on parents admitting their child to the kindergarten level, just so that they can promote them to Class 1 the next year. This is despite the fact that the child’s age is appropriate for Class 1, as per the age defined and fixed by state Department of Primary and Secondary Education.

Shilpa Prashanth, a parent, told The New Sunday Express, “I sent my son to a montessori school nearby where he completed both LKG and UKG, and is now eligible to get admission to Class 1. However, at least five schools we approached denied admission, saying they already have enough students.”
Meanwhile, another parent in the same situation, suggested that schools should set up another section for students from other schools.

“Let them promote their own students, we have no objection, but they can also open a new section for children who seeks admissions from other schools,” the parent said.
Parents said this policy followed by private schools is inconveniencing them, and they end up admitting their kids into an average school.

“I tried at least seven schools in south Bengaluru, but none of them were willing to admit my child. Finally, I was forced to put my child in an average school,” said one parent.

Meanwhile, schools are also justifying their policy, saying that if a parent wants a seat at a school of their choice, then they must admit their children right at the entry-level. Mansoor Ali Khan, board member, Delhi Public School, said, “At most leading schools, the entry level is LKG, and obviously those who are in UKG will be promoted to Class 1. If at all parents want the same school then they should think of putting kids directly from the entry-level.”

He further said that parents should admit their kids from entry level instead of putting them in a montessori school, as the fee was equal in both.

D Shashi Kumar, general secretary, Associated Management of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka, said, “Schools should admit kids according to age prescribed by the government. And parents should admit children from entry level if they need only that school.”

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