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7 Habits That Separate Rich from Poor

Hearty welcome to all of you to our Rocking India channel where you get inspiring & mind blowing photo post everyday. I feel happy to see you all visiting my channel & reading my articles daily. Today I have brought an interesting article about some habits that separates the rich from the poor. Let me share those habits with all of you here.

1. Reading Books:

7 Habits That Separate Rich from Poor
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Let me tell you that the world's 3rd wealthiest person Warren Buffett dedicates 80% of his working day to reading & one of his favorite books is 'Business Adventures' by John Brooks.

2. Keeping clothing choices very simple:

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You will be shocked to know that many wealthy people make it a habit of wearing the same clothes for many years. One of the example is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg explains his simple wardrobe by saying that he wants to get rid of all that extra stuff in his life.

3. Saving money:

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How many of you know that Bill Gates won a $10 watch & his billionaire friend Warren Buffett even paid with coupons when they dined together at a fast food chain in Hong Kong.

4. Passing on brand new car:

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Let me tell you that even if a rich person decides to buy a car, they usually don't buy high-end models to show of & they hold on to their vehicles for at least 10 years to get the full value of them.

5. Waking up early:

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A poll carried out by time management expert Laura Vanderkam showed that 90% of top executives wake up before 6 am daily.

6. Spending time productively:

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Young millionaire Garret Gee says that it's important to find 3 hobbies one for making money, one for creativity & one more for staying healthy.

7. Making plans:

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Let me tell you that if you don't have a clear plan ahead of you, you can't reach success. The golden rule is that 'the right plan prevents bad work'. Steve Jobs said that patience & planning are the keys to success.

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have u became rich by above methods author? if yes then u wouldn't be here on uc browser posting feed .none of those men shown in your post posted any feed here.

7 Months ago

Kattu Battu

The three pillars of success Aim Hardwork Perceverance .....All The Best

7 Months ago


believe in God! believe in hardworking, just believe in God, only one who can gives you satisfaction!

7 Months ago

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