Modi's surprise lunch, shocking price!

It is very much known that Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modiji, is very keen about being friendly with his peers and his party men. Showing his simplicity and maintaining brotherhood with his fellow men, Narendra Modi made his surprise visit to the Parliament's canteen.

It seems he had lunch along with the other MPs irrespective of any party. He visited the first floor to Room No: 70 and shocked all the MPs there. Narendra Modi's message was to be more cost effective. When Modi arrived, the canteen in-charge B.L. Purohit asked "Anything special, sir." Modi replied "No, I want normal vegetarian thali."

"The total bill was Rs. 29. He gave a Rs. 100 note and I returned Rs. 71," the staff said. So, PM's meals cost just Rs 29! Don't you think that's so simple! Along with this vegetarian Thali he ordered for a fruit salad. It seems he did not ask for bottled mineral water but drank the RO water, said the canteen staff.

Excited with PM's presence, the canteen-bill collector asked Modi to write a suggestion after which Modi signed in the Visitor's Book and also quoted 'Ann Data Sukhi Bhava' in the book. He is the first ever Prime Minister to have lunch in the Parliament Canteen. So, here's that historic picture exclusively for readers.

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