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10 Highly Polluted Cities In The World, If You Breathe Here For More Than 5 Minutes You Might Die

10 Highly Polluted Cities In The World, If You Breathe Here For More Than 5 Minutes You Might Die

World is becoming more advance day by day but in this race of becoming modern, we are harming nature and ourselves in excess. Today, whole world is under the threat of pollution, out of which air pollution has evolved as the greatest threat on mankind. Everyone wants to move to metro cities for better lifestyle and career but with the increasing air pollution, living in such cities is like inviting our own death. People are facing continuous breathing problems like asthma due to air pollution. Apart from this, air pollution also contributes in heart, liver and kidney problems. Here we bring you some of the cities from around the world where air pollution is taking people's life.

1. Tianjin, China

In past few years, China has emerged as one of the most powerful countries with a great infrastructure development but due to this, China is facing problems every day. The factories that once contributed in the development of China have now became the main reason of air pollution there. Due to illegal mining in Tianjin town of China, poisonous substances like lead have got mixed in the air due to which around 1.5 lac people are facing breathing problems every day. Apart from this, people are facing visual, hearing, and gastric and kidney related problems. Chinese government run many programs for cleaning this city but every program go in vain and that is why Tianjin is counted among most polluted cities in the world.

2. Chernobyl, Ukraine

This city faced horrifying nuclear disaster in 1986 whose radiations made it impossible for people to breathe. Due to this people moved away from this city to save their lives. Poisonous substances like uranium, plutonium and cesium-137 are present in the air of this city. Due to this accident, most of the children of this city were diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Even today, people who are living in nearby places of this city are facing breathing problems.

3. Peshawar, Pakistan

WHO has ranked this city as second most polluted city in the world. The main cause of pollution in Peshawar is the smoke from brick furnaces. People are suffering from lung cancer and heart related problems. The problem of air pollution has increased so much in this city that acid rain happens here.

4. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Air of capital city Ulaanbaatar of Mongolia is 6 times poisonous than International Health Standard. Most of the people suffer from respiratory diseases in this city. Due to presence of poisonous chemicals in air, people are also suffering from many weird health problems. Mongolia government received billions of rupees from World Bank but there is still no improvement in the city.

5. Delhi, India

WHO has included Delhi among cities with most polluted air. Due to air pollution more than 15 lac people die every year in the city. Apart from automobile pollution, smoke from industries and burning of garbage have contributed in making Delhi's air polluted. Many other deadly problems have been seen in people due to excessive air pollution in Delhi.

6. Norilsk, Russia

Norilsk city of Russia is facing epidemic due to air pollution. People who reside near industrial area are inhaling poisonous substances like Sulfur dioxide, nickel, cobalt, copper and lead with oxygen. This city has become most polluted city of Russia. Most of the people are suffering from different kinds of health problems, especially the children.

7. Los Angeles, California

This city of US has the worst quality of air. Traffic and industrial waste are main reason behind the air pollution in this city. According to the report of The Environmental Protection Agency people are suffering from deadly diseases like cancer due to air pollution in this city. From last 20 year, this city is trying to decrease the level of pollution by it hasn't succeeded yet.

8. Kanpur, India

Due to cooking on coal, use of commercial vehicles and industrial sector, air of Kanpur has become extremely polluted. Here, garbage is burnt openly. Health problems related to heart and blood pressure are very common in people of Kanpur. Government has banned works that generates smoke. However, no official programs run here to decrease the level of pollution in this city.

9. London, England

The air of London is getting polluted with every passing day. Air of this city has a NO-2 in it. Every year, more than 10,000 people die in this city die to air pollution. Apart from this, people are suffering from many health problems due to air pollution. This year, government has set a legal limit of air pollution under which city will get pollution free by 2025.

10. Sukinda, Orissa, India

Due to 12 mining plants in this city of Orissa, the air has become extremely polluted. Around 3 tons of garbage lies on ground openly due to which poisonous substances have got mixed in air and soil. According to Orissa Voluntary Health Association report, 86.4% deaths happen in this city to some kind of pollution. Government has still made no plans to control pollution in this city.

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